Handy Tips

Deep Boxes:

Thick elastic in our electric adjustable bed sheetsThick elastic in our electric adjustable bed sheetsMost mattresses used on electric adjustable beds tend to be between 6 to 8” deep. It can be easily argued mattresses any deeper than 8” will not work well on an adjustable bed. The ‘box’ shaped skirts of our fitted sheets are 13” deep, so there will be 5” (13cm) of fully-elasticated ‘undergather’ around the underside of an 8”deep mattress.

High Quality:

Our popular 50-50 poly-cotton fitted sheets are made to hotel supply standard. Hotels wash their sheets extremely frequently, dare we say, far more frequently than perhaps the average electric adjustable bed user might. So our sheets will last you a very long time.

Don’t be caught out!

Many standard flat or static single or double (non-adjustable) beds are only 6ft-3” (190cm) long. Whereas most electric adjustable bed actions and mattresses are 6ft-6” (200cm) long. This means regular-sized fitted sheets and mattress protectors could turn out to be too short. Before buying any
sheets or protectors for your electric adjustable bed, be sure to measure the length and width of the mattress very carefully. If you are unsure how to do this before you place your order with us, you can always phone up for helpful advice.

Laundering Advice:

Please wash your sheets first, before using them.
This will help prevent the occurrence of abrasion (pilling or bobbling).
Frequent washing (say, once a week) will also help prevent abrasion.
To minimise colour fade over time, always use a mild, colourfast, non-biological detergent. Avoid washing at more than 40 degrees.
If you plan to tumble dry your sheets, do so at a LOW heat (55 deg. Maximum).
If you plan to iron your (non-iron) sheets, do so at a COOL setting (110 deg. Max).
High settings on your tumble dryer or iron can damage the polyester threads.