Electric Adjustable Bed Fitted Sheets & Matching Pillow Cases

Poly-cotton fitted sheets and pillow cases for electric adjustable beds. All sizes from 2ft-6" (70cm) to 5ft (120cm). Extra-deep 13" (33cm) box shape. For twin beds, singles, doubles and dual-action.
Our fitted sheets have an extra-deep "box shape", which pulls down deep over the mattress - so the sheet completely covers the bottom and sides of the mattress whenever the bed head or leg sections are adjusted.

Our sheets have a deep 13-inch (33cm) box and are fully elasticated along top, bottom and both sides. This attention to detail ensures each sheet fits snugly around and underneath the mattress and does not 'ping off' when the mattress bends.

High quality and hard-wearing

Our close-weave 50-50 polyester-cotton fabric is made to last for years, even with regular washing. Natural cotton gives the sheets and pillow cases a soft, silky feel and helps provide a cool night's sleep. Polyester fibres are there to provide extra strength.


The poly-cotton fitted sheets and matching pillow cases are available in white and cream.

Some other colours can be supplied by special request. Please contact Neal on 01995 606726.

British Made Bed Linen

50% COTTON (for cool-feel)
50% POLYESTER (for strength)

Sizes & Prices

70cm 2ft 3in wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £22.50
75cm 2ft 6in wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £22.50
80cm 2ft 7.5in wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £22.50
90cm 3ft wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £22.50
100cm 3ft 3in wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £27.60
106cm 3ft 6in wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £27.60
120cm 4ft wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £27.60
137cm 4ft 6in wide x 200cm 6ft 6in long £27.60

Price includes VAT and postage (mainland UK only).

If you live outside of mainland UK, please contact us (BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER) with your requirements and we will work out the shipping cost.

PLEASE measure your mattress accurately before carefully selecting your order size. Thank you. See Handy Tips page.

Please contact us if you have a question about unusual sizes.

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Matching pair of Poly-cotton Pillow Cases

Size: 71 cm (28") x 46 cm (18")

Price: £8.00 including VAT and postage (mainland UK only)

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Our new Fitted Sheet Combo' for 3ft Electrical Adjustable Beds

Fitted Sheet ComboUsers of single 3-ft beds can use a Fitted Sheet Combo’, a two-sheet combination, comprising a fully-fitted base sheet and a semi-fitted top sheet for those who like a sheet between them and a duvet or when using blankets.

Fitted Sheet Combo (semi-fitted top sheet and a fully-fitted base sheet)


2ft 6" x 6ft 6" (75 x 200 cm)  ** New addition to range **
3ft x 6ft 6" (90 x 200 cm)

Colours: White and Cream

Price £45.00 including VAT and free postage (mainland UK only)

Other widths of semi-fitted top sheet are available please contact us for sizes and prices.